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Fire Alarm Inspection Requirements

Know what you need to comply with State Rules

Annual Inspection

A 100% Functional test of your fire 

alarm system is required in the 

state of Texas. For an in depth view of state requirements, click on this link


For additional information regarding inspection requirements, take a peek 

at NFPA-72 at this website

Annual Inspection

* Functional Test every year with aerosol smoke.

* Must be tested for sensitivity every 2 years with UL approved testing device.

* Smoke Detectors must be replaced every 10 years or sent in to be re-calibrated by the manufacturer. Replacement is almost always the most practical option.

Annual Inspection

A complete and thorough inspection of your fire alarm system takes time and requires special tools.  Make sure the technician inspecting your system is factory certifed on our system.  Inspections are done to ensure the safety of our customers first and foremost. A good inspection also helps to protect our customers from exposure to liability by making sure all possible measures are being taken to protect people an assets.

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