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Best Vendors for Wireless Systems


Wireless Technology has finally made it to the fire alarm industry in recent years but can be a nightmare if the customer picks the wrong vendor.  Even trained vendors can make some serious mistakes with wireless technology and those mistakes can be very expensive due to the unforgiving nature of the wireless system.  If you aren't certain about the qualifications of your vendor of choice, call the manufacturer and ask them to recommend one for you.  Wireless systems are fantastic when installed correctly but a nightmare when vendors try to take shortcuts.

Gecko Woes for Fire Alarm Systems


Unfortunately, geckos are awful little pests that love riser rooms.  The heated rooms are usually not sealed to well and the little varmints move right in.  Of course the fire alarm control panel is perfect for nesting and the damage from their waste is an expensive prospect for any property owner.  The best thing to do is keep the room clean, seal up any openings and keep well exterminated.  Remove the food and water source and make it as inhospitable as possible.  These critters are very hard to get rid of and they can get into as little as a 1/8" opening.